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Quick Tips to Calm Down When Your Blood is Boiling

Quick Tips to Calm Down When Your Blood is Boiling, keep calm, life and work

We all find ourselves in situations that make us angry. Instead of dwelling on that anger and letting it manifest into negativity, I’ve rounded up some quick tips on how you can free your mind and learn to calm down when you find your blood is boiling.

Quick Tips to Calm Down When Your Blood is Boiling

Vent to a Close Friend or Family Member.

Don’t spend precious time stewing over negativity. When your blood is boiling, vent to a loved one and expel any anger into the universe and out of your head and heart. Then let it go.

Break a Sweat Not a Wall.

Increasing your endorphins will make you feel better, and some people find that they’re able to work through situations while engaging in physical activity because their body is occupied, so their mind is free to problem solve. Go for a run, or a walk, or find a calming activity like yoga to help you create an escape from the situation that’s making you angry.

Figure out What’s Really Bothering You.

Anger is an indicator and a messenger that something is amiss or off balance in your life. Use this opportunity to dig deeper into your emotions and find out what is really bothering you.

Implement This Self-Control Routine.

Jon Oliver and Michael Ryan, authors of “Lesson One: The ABCs of Life: The Skills We All Need but Were Never Taught,” mention "self-control time" in their book, which is a technique used to calm down angry children. Sit up straight, but make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands in your lap and let your elbows naturally fall back by your sides. Relax your shoulders and breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Make sure your eyes are closed. Try to implement self-control as a regular part of your day, and spend about three minutes practicing. When you are trying to regain control, you should only need to practice this technique for about one minute.

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