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Pep Talk: It's Time to Stop Settling! Are You Ready?

Pep Talk: It's Time to Stop Settling! Are You Ready?, settling, settle, loren ridinger, jr ridinger, work, life

Ladies, it's time to stop settling! I was talking to one of my male friends. According to him, men do so well in the workplace because they don't take the first offer. I thought about this and it really hit home! This applies to just about everything in life We get in life what we accept. I want that to sink in for a moment.

Pep Talk: It's Time to Stop Settling

Have you fully processed it? It applies in work, relationships, friends—everything. Think about the last relationship you were in. You felt so angry when the two of you broke up. You nit picked at every negative aspect of this person and saw how terrible they were. But the truth is, you said yes to that person to begin with. You accepted that love even if it was wrong for you and it brought you a lot of grief.

I get it, we're scared! We fear that we aren't enough—for the raise, for that ultimate relationship, or those great friendships. So, we end up at jobs we hate, surrounded by people we can't stand. Don't let fear dictate your life. You deserve all that life has to offer you.

My advice? Try new things. Date multiple people at the same time, and don't be afraid to ask for what you want. As we level up into 2020, let's come from a place from faith. Let's have confidence that good things are coming your way this year. Stop settling and get ready for all those blessings you've been asking for!