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Not Good, But Great by Loren Ridinger


When we really, really want something and don't get it, we think the world is ending. How could I work so hard and get nothing in return? How can this happen when I know it is the right thing for me? We seek advice from friends and family, constantly going over and over every minute detail trying to figure out what went wrong. As women we need to stop this cycle of judgement on ourselves and trust the path we are on.


I realized after my surgery that the phrase "replace fear with faith" applies to all areas of life, not just a health scare. Business and relationships make up a huge chunk of our lives and so many of us are settling for less than we deserve due to fear of the unknown. Listen to your intuition, replace your fear with faith and be at peace knowing that you no longer have to struggle to make something or someone fit into your life.


The right career and the right person is in your future but only if you are open to it. Living a mediocre life wishing away your dreams is not the way one gets to achieve their goals. Let go of what you think is right and stop resisting the incredible life that lies ahead of you. Learn from the past and believe that with faith, hard work and persistence your life can not only be good, but great.