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National Compliment Day: How to Give and Accept a Compliment

National Compliment Day: How to Give and Accept a Compliment, national compliment day, compliments, compliment, accept a compliment

Happy National Compliment Day! I get it, every day feels like another random holiday, but I'm actually really excited about this one! Compliments are powerful! Use them to encourage a child or validate a loved one. When you compliment someone, you're showing them that you see them for all that they are. How great is that? Learn how to give and accept a compliment. It doesn't take much, but it's always good to learn.

National Compliment Day: How to Give and Accept a Compliment

How to give a compliment:

Be sincere. No one likes a faker, and a fake compliment can be spotted a mile away. All it takes is some honesty! Find something you like about a person, like an accomplishment or a point of pride. This will show others that your genuine and will make them like you more. Don't be too excessive or exaggerate. Try to smile to show your sincerity.

How to accept a compliment:

This is easier said than done. So many people don't feel comfortable when being complimented. They feel like they don't deserve a compliment. It boils down to not feeling like you're enough, which is nonsense! When someone gives you praise, all you have to say is a solid "thank you" and move on! It's that simple! Accept that you're great. I'd suggest even writing down compliments when you get them. Compile a list of compliments. Read them when you're down to remind yourself how great you are!