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Modern Day Wedding Etiquette for All

May 13th, 2017

Times are changing. With wedding season on the horizon, do you ever wonder what the latest and greatest in modern day wedding etiquette is? I most certainly do! From knowing who (and if) you should be the one to throw an engagement party to having a good understanding of the perfect gift – attending weddings is so much fun, but with all the etiquette rules, a little stressful too! Here’s a look at some modern-day wedding etiquette to ease your mind and send you celebrating without a worry in sight.

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Modern Day Wedding Etiquette for All

Who throws an engagement party and is it a must? Nothing is a must this day in age – keep that in mind, always. Here’s the thing – if you’re a good friend or family member and you want to throw an engagement party, go for it! The bride and groom will love it and will also feel so honored and special. Just be sure to ask around to see if any other friends or family members are having the same thought. You can either work together or figure out who’s best to host the party.

What about the wedding shower? Same thing! If you want to host a wedding shower for your sister or bestie – go for it! It’s a fun way to get all the girls (and guys if you want) together to celebrate and set the bride and groom up for life with lots of gifts to fill their home with. In modern day wedding etiquette it’s not uncommon to have more than one bridal shower – so don’t hesitate one bit.

What about the whole “plus one” or “and guest” thing. It’s always going to be polite to offer your single guests the opportunity to bring a date to your wedding – not everyone likes to be a guest at an event like this without a dance partner, right? So – again – this one is up to you, but don’t assume your friends or family are single (you never know!) and it’s just nice to extend the offer of a plus one.

Are paper invites still a must? Absolutely not. If you want the pomp and circumstance of a traditional paper invite, of course – go for it! It’s so much fun to pick them out. But, they’re a huge expense and there are so many amazing electronic invites out there. Just make sure you love whatever you choose – it’s your wedding day and you’ll want to remember every detail – even the invites!

As a guest, can I wear white to the wedding? This one is probably still a bit of a no no – and not because there’s something terrible about wearing white at a certain time of year, because it’s nice to give the bride her moment. You know – let her stand out amongst the crowd in her beautiful white wedding dress. Think about your day – don’t you want to be the one who gets that moment? And, choose your wedding guest attire accordingly.

What about thank you notes for the guests and gift-givers? Is that a must? Hands down, yes. Do not forget the thank you notes – and, trust me – it’s not one of those things that will go unnoticed. Plan now for a pretty big project, especially if you had a big wedding. But it’s one of the best parts – sitting down and personalizing a note of thanks to everyone who spent the time or made the effort to celebrate you and your new love in some way.

What do you think? Can you get on board with some of this modern etiquette….some of which hasn’t changed a bit?

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