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Merry Christmas​ from Loren Ridinger

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I'm so happy and blessed. This year has been truly amazing, and now I get to take some time off from work and celebrate my favorite holiday with my loved ones. This morning, the munchkins woke up to a house full of presents. We spent time with them enjoying their gifts, playing, and having fun. Santa pulled out all the stops this year. Now, we're just taking a moment to feel grateful for each other and all the good this year has brought us!

Merry Christmas​ from Loren Ridinger

I wish you so much love and happiness this Christmas. I hope you spend some time today celebrating your loved ones and reminding yourself what truly matters this year. Merry Christmas from me xx!

Below are some of my top moments from this past year!

What are your plans for the holiday? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.