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Mercury Retrograde: Three Weeks of Chaos & Introspection

Mercury Retrograde

Can you believe Mercury is in retrograde again? I feel like Mercury is always in retrograde these days. Or, at least, people are frequently blaming their misfortunes on Mercury being in retrograde. What does Mercury retrograde actually mean? I'm going to give you the low down...

Mercury Retrograde: Three Weeks of Chaos & Introspection

Mercury Retrograde

What Is Mercury Retrograde? Why Does It Happen?

Mercury retrograde is a three-week period (currently July 26-August 19, 2018) that occurs three or four times per year when the planet of Mercury appears to move backward.

To explain why Mercury retrograde happens, I need to remind you of some scientific facts you likely learned in elementary school. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun; therefore its orbit is shorter than Earth’s. Mercury retrograde happens when Mercury’s orbit speeds up, and past Earth. This retrograde creates turbulence that we feel all the way down on planet Earth.

What Does Mercury Retrograde Impact and How Can I Avoid the Wrath?

The planet Mercury rules communication, agreements, transportation, and technology – so anything even remotely related to those should be avoided during retrograde if possible. That means, be cautious of conversations you have with your significant other as your words may not come across as clearly as they normally would. Avoid signing contracts (like a new apartment lease) and traveling if possible, as you may run into pandemonium with Mercury not functioning at its normal speed.

Are There Benefits to Mercury Being in Retrograde?

Absolutely! Mercury retrograde is a period when you could and should take extra time and care to make important decisions. This is a time for reflection, allowing you to reassess what is happening in your life and make plans to shift your energy as it makes sense (post-retrograde, of course).

Spend these three weeks being more cautious than usual, but also spend time focusing on yourself and reflecting on past choices you’ve made, then decide what needs to change.

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