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MAWC 2017: Loren Ridinger’s Opening Speech

February 9th, 2017

Welcome to our first full day of events at MAWC 2017. I just got off stage from delivering my opening speech and am completely floored by the energy in this room today. The arena is filled with individuals who are ready to take their lives to the next level, making changes for themselves instead of waiting for life to happen to them. I say it often, and I’ll say it again: you are in charge of your life. You are the author of your destiny. If you really want something for yourself, there’s nobody standing in the way of it but you. 

If you are here with me in Miami, I hope you take every opportunity this weekend to learn, grow, make plans, and challenge yourself. We are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. We want you to learn, have access to the latest technology, and grow with each opportunity that is set before you. I hope you are ready to take the reigns and charge ahead.

Loren Ridinger Opening Speech MAWC 2017

MAWC 2017: Loren Ridinger’s Opening Speech

I was so honored to speak to you all today. These are just a few words that I hope you’ll take to heart. No one is standing in your way, but you. xo

“Living in the past is theft from your future.”

“Nobody ever became successful in the past.”

“Stop listening to the negative voices, not just out there, but inside, in your heart.”

“Strength comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t do, not from the things you can do.”

You are the president of your life. You are in control. You make the changes you want to make for yourself.”

“There are a million reasons why not to do what you want. You need to find the one reason you can.

“It’s not about when you got into Market America. It’s about when Market America got into you.

WATCH the full presentation in the video below:

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