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Make Real Friends in the Technology Age

We're so attached to our phones. We do everything on there! Checking Instagram and seeing the seemingly perfect lives of everyone around us has muddled our brains. We start to think that going out and finding the perfect spot for an Instagram picture is the way to go when that's totally not the case. Because of this, you've accumulated friends who are in it for the likes and seeming cool. Where have all your deeper connections gone? If you're sick of this, then it's time to look for real friends. Not sure where to begin? Read on!

Write it out- First, thing, first, I want you to journal your feelings. Let it all out and see how your feeling about your current relationships. Next, I want you to write down all the qualities you want in your new relationships.

Visualize- Visualize how good you'd feel around the people you want to bring into your life. Do you want to be happy? Have deeper connections? Laugh all the time? Put all these feelings and emotions and act like you're already surrounded by your amazing new friends.

Be grateful- Be grateful for the friends you have now and the ones you've made in the past. You can't move on without realizing how wonderful your present is.

Get out of your comfort zone- This is the hard part. Now, you're going to actually have to go out there and make new friends. Go to events and meetups you normally wouldn't go to on your own. Try to strike up conversations that matter. It'll be tough at first, but eventually you'll get ther!