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How to Make Cleaning a SNAP™

If there is one person who could make me excited about cleaning, it's Marty Weissman. And if you were with us at MAWC 2017, chances are, he made you feel pretty excited, too. Marty took to the stage at World Conference (with his lovely assistant Tia) to talk about the SNAP Essentials Kit and all the wonderful things you could do with it. Here's a look at those great tips, just in time to think about spring cleaning.

How to Make Cleaning a SNAP™
#1. In a pinch, you can use the All-Purpose Cleaner on makeup brushes, too!
#2. The Sanitary Bathroom Cleaner  is a safer way to clean because it has no harsh chemicals. So let the kids help you, too!
#3. Use the All Fresh spray to freshen linens, office areas, carpets, car interiors, and bathrooms.
#4. The Stain Remover is amazing on stains - spray directly on the spot and throw it in the wash. No need to scrub. This product pre-treats your fabrics and keeps them clean. This is great on your favorite dresses.
#5. Easily use the Dishwashing Liquid as a hand cleaner, too. Spray tough dishes with hot water to cut grease quick.

WATCH the video of the SNAP Essentials presentation right here:

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