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MA25 Power Quotes: Maria Checa

If you're in need of some business inspiration, look no further than my sister Maria Checa in this series we are calling Power Quotes. As we edge closer to our 25th Anniversary celebration at MAIC 2017, I can't help but feel inspired by the family that has helped shape this business. Market America and SHOP.COM have always been a family endeavor. Every Market America brand has been created, nurtured, and developed by someone who truly loves it and wants to create a quality product for our loyal customers.

My sister, Maria Checa, has always been an incredible force. Witnessing her presentations about Motives Cosmetics always reminds our conference attendees that this is so much more than just an incredible line of high-quality makeup products. This is an avenue for financial security for anyone who chooses to become a consultant and follow that path. We are offering more than a product; we are offering a lifestyle.

Watch Maria's video below as she discusses how Motives can provide financial freedom for those who choose to become a Motives Consultant.

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