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Loren Ridinger's What Your Mammogram Won't Tell You on Huffington Post

My new column for the Huffington Post is out today and I am grateful to have a platform for sharing such a personal story and the importance of breast cancer awareness.  In "What Your Mammogram Won't Tell You" I share my journey of finding a lump in my breast back in August to having surgery in October to now, speaking with the best doctors I can find to make a decision about the future.  Please click "LIKE" on my "What Your Mammogram Won't Tell You" post and spread the word.  You know your body better than anyone else; please be persistent when it comes to your health.  It could save your life.

The madness started at the end of August when I discovered a lump in my breast.  It wasn't the typical small lump that I have had before; this one was big, much bigger.  I was a year late for this checkup, but wasn't concerned, as my last checkup was perfect.  I made an appointment to have a diagnostic mammogram.  What's the difference between a diagnostic mammogram and a traditional mammogram?  It's not always covered by insurance and you need a physician's prescription for it, but it can save your life so don't even think about that.  Click here to finish reading my story.