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Living in the present and leaving the past behind

The past is a really dangerous place to live. Yet, so many
of us chose to live there. The more I hear about people obsessing over
situations that happened years ago, the more I’ve realized how much it can
really hinder a person from moving forward and being happy.

Some people find themselves constantly reminiscing about the
great, romantic relationship they once had. While others continue to be fixated
on how their company let them go after so many years. There’s several ways
people live in the past, but these are just some examples.

The only reason we should be live in the past is to learn
from it and take that knowledge to our present life. Sure, forgetting and
accepting the past is easier said than done, but it is necessary to our
happiness. Living in the present simple requires practice. One thing that can
help is to remind yourself that time heals everything. And the quicker you
accept your lesson, the quicker you will move on.

If you decide to live in the past, imagine all the great
things you’ll miss in the present! Look around and notice all the great things
you have. We’re all lucky in our own way, but we have to be able to acknowledge
it first. What do you have to be thankful for?

So if you find yourself stuck in rut ask yourself if living
in the past is the problem. If so, ask yourself what choices you can make today
to move forward. It may be as easy as deciding to be happy and not standing for
anything less.

And if you feel sad about leaving those memories behind,
think of all the new memories you are missing out on just because you won’t
move forward. New experiences are necessary for our growth. Don’t miss the
present that is today!

Love xo