Life & Work

Live With Intentions

If you want to live richly, live intentionally. Choose what you wish to create, and then experience the immense satisfaction of making it so.

Instead of being consumed with doubts and fears about what might happen, be focused on what you will cause to happen. Listen to your heart, and take the initiatives that most closely resonate with what you hear.

Absolutely accept and embrace whatever randomness life brings your way. Yet do it from a perspective of your own choosing.

Get the very most from each day by making the intentional choice of how to spend it. Instead of being pushed in a hundred different directions by the conflict and complexity that surrounds you, harness the energy of your passion and purpose.

Direct yourself, consistently and persistently, toward the places, situations, experiences, people and results that you wish to have in your life. You have more than enough energy, opportunities and ability, when focused in a specific direction, to achieve whatever you choose.

So choose to choose. Decide how your life will be, this hour, this day, this year, this century, and live the true richness of making it happen.