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Listen In: What Your Emotions May be Trying to Tell You

emotional intelligence

Since recently exploring the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how it relates success, I thought we’d dig a little deeper and check in with our feelings. Sometimes the reason we don’t reach success is because we’re not in the right frame of mind. That requires understanding what our feelings and emotions are really telling us under the surface. Ready to dig a little deeper? Read ahead to learn how to get in the right mindset.

emotional intelligence

It’s not out of the ordinary when feeling emotional to have a loved one or friend tell you to cheer up, that things will get better or to make the best of the situation. People struggle with managing feelings, especially when they’re negative, and as a result our go-to solution is to try and turn it around, quickly. Here’s the thing: to truly feel and understand your emotions, you have to actually have time to feel and experience them. It’s just the way it is. No matter if you’re over the moon happy, feeling sad and let down or even entirely mediocre. It’s OK to take some time to actually feel, because your emotions may be trying to tell you more than you think. No matter what you’re feeling, taking a deeper look is essential – you may even learn a thing or two about yourself.

Evaluate just how often you’re feeling negative emotions.

Are you finding that feelings of negativity are ruling your day-to-day or do you fluctuate between feeling content and happy with down and out. If you’re feeling bummed out more than half of the time, it’s probably time to assess the situation. What is it that’s bringing you down? Is it work? Is it a relationship? Can you make a change in a positive direction?

Learn to adapt with different situations.

Just because you’re feeling different emotions at different times doesn’t mean it’s right, wrong or anywhere in between. But, instead use all these varied feelings to identify what it is that makes you happy – from a situational standpoint. Is it a place? Is it certain people? Is it a particular situation? No matter what, identify what is bringing about the accompanying feelings and emotions.

Look at what’s driving your emotions.

You may have an inherent belief system that lies behind a lot of what you think and feel. And, knowing how to navigate those feelings as they pertain to each situation is essential for understanding your own emotional capacity and drivers. Perhaps you think you should feel one way because of your beliefs, but you actually feel something completely different. Put your finger on that and help pinpoint how to use those emotions to find a true feeling of contentment.

Have you ever taken the time to truly evaluate your emotions or have a better understanding of where they’re coming from and how they’re driving decisions and choices in your life? It’s time to face it head on – guaranteed, you’ll like what you find on the other side.