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Letting Go of Guilt

South Mountain afternoon

Have you ever felt like you can’t move forward to the next
stage? There’s just something inside you that won’t let you take that leap of
faith. Is it guilt?

When we can see success just a few steps in front of us,
many times we may feel guilty for leaving things and people behind. This
problem is more common than not. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we feel
like we don’t deserve it or we’re bad people if we leave our current life. That
guilt is really a tool of The Victim. Once we realize that we’ve created this
belief and held on it, we’ll be able to release it.

The first step of getting rid of guilt is being aware of the
feeling. If you ever feel road blocked and can’t move forward ask yourself if
you’re feeling guilty. A lot of the times, we feel guilty about letting go old
habits and relationships, which were probably toxic or not suiting you anymore.
Be aware of the feeling and of what is making you feel guilty.

Be thankful for the person or situation you are leaving behind.
Think about what you learned from them or the situation. And if there was
anything dissatisfying think about how you will do better next time around.
Most importantly, forgive yourself if needed. You are trapping yourself.

And if it’s the day-to-day stuff (like family, kids, jobs)
that are making you feel guilty, remember your love ones only want to see you
happy. The best gift you can give them is being the best you. And if they can’t
appreciate that, well then that is not your responsibility. Your responsibility
is to give yourself the freedom to live the best life you were intended to
live. You ARE worthy.