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Let Down Your Defensive Guard, Here's Why

Let Down Your Defensive Gaurd, Here's Why, defensive, defensive guard, defensivness

Relationships are not always easy. They take hard work and sacrifice. At the same time, when you're in a healthy and loving relationship, the hard work is worth it. JR and I still love each other every day. Through all the success and business hardship, we're still together and going strong. I feel great about my relationship, and I'm so grateful for my husband. We've done it! We've been through it all including kids and grandkids.

Let Down Your Defensive Guard, Here's Why

Through the years, there's one thing that I've learned that can really break a relationship. It's something that denies both parties in the relationship vulnerability and makes it difficult to connect with your partner. That something is being defensive. Being defensive towards your partner is making yourself seem as though you're perfect when in fact you're not! That defensive guard breaks your relationship and makes it difficult to relate on things. It's a wall that you refuse to let down.

It's difficult to grow as a person and in a relationship when you don't let your guard down to let someone in. Learn to make changes in yourself before you go on blaming others or staying stubborn. Look inward. Cooperate with your partner. In the long run, it'll make for a more successful and healthy relationship. In the end that's what you deserve.