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It's Time to Step into Your Divine Feminine Energy

It's Time to Step into Your Divine Feminine Energy

On Earth, we have two types of energies: Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy. If you're a woman or identify as a woman (or even if you're male and you relate to this), I want to encourage you to step into your divine feminine energy. This isn't about gender roles or stereotypes—it's about owning your femininity outside of a political or social sense. It's about Love, compassion, intuition, wisdom, strength, vulnerability, uniqueness, creativity, and so much more. Curious? Read on for more.

Connect with Nature- We call Earth Mother Nature for a reason. Mother Nature is a direct link to our divine feminine energy. Nature is all about life, abundance, and fertility. This idea of bringing life to Earth is feminine so take some time with nature and care about nature.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness- Everything in nature is unique. No one person, plant, or animal is alike. When you look at a flower you've never seen before, you probably find it beautiful. Your uniqueness makes you beautiful, so be sure to celebrate it! Stop comparing yourself to other women or feeling like you're not good enough. Someone else's success or beauty does not take away from your own!

Let Your Creativity Shine- Creating is a big part of being a woman. We create life, so why not create more? Get in touch with your creative side and start making. What have you been called to do? Draw, write, sing? Do what you love and create something completely unique for yourself.

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