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Is This the Answer to Bad Dating Apps?

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Is this the answer to bad dating apps? SXSW is an all-in-one festival for technology, film, and music. Software creators, movie makers, and bands come together to show off their innovations, films, and songs all in Austin, Texas. One group that made a splash this year were the creators of McCoy. McCoy is a new kind of dating app that's trying to get singles out of their phones and on dates.

Is This the Answer to Bad Dating Apps?

Finally, someone's trying to get out of the swipe and type endlessly model that some other apps follow. Instead, this app encourages you to actually go out on dates. If you're all out of ideas when it comes to dating, McCoy has your back by offering deals on events like concerts and sunset cruises. This app is about getting out there and meeting each other by enjoying experiences together.

While using McCoy you can swipe right and meet up instantly by inviting your prospective date on an experience instantly. The app itself is free to use! You pay for the experiences that you don't even need a date to enjoy. How great is that? McCoy is like Groupon and Tinder had a baby.

Is this going to solve the problems that app-users are dealing with? Only time will tell!

Version 1.0 of McCoy is NOW available on the Apple App Store - and they are currently offering curated experiences in Los Angeles, Austin, and New York.