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Is Sexting Cheating?

June 17th, 2011

He tried his very best to hold on to his career as best he could, but yesterday marked the conclusion of what some are calling an unnecessary public spectacle. Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress on June 16, 2011, after explicit photos of him were sent into the eternal world of Social Media and cyber space. For almost two weeks, the discussion of the leaked racy photos were heard on major news networks, at the office, amongst our inner circles of friends and family, and even posted as a trending topic on Twitter. The discussion has left so many of us split on the idea of what constitutes cheating.

Anthony Weiner Raises a Bigger Question

Let’s be honest, many other political figures, dignitaries and celebrities have been caught with more than one hand in the cookie jar and doing a lot worse; yet managed to keep their jobs and for some, had a bigger bounce back from the offense. Here is the number one question, is sexting actually cheating? Some opinions say that sexting with an individual you do not know is the new age flirting. Others say, when you go outside of your relationship to receive emotional, mental, sexual, physical or spiritual fulfillment, that is considered cheating.

Let us delve a little further into the issue. Did the punishment for Weiner’s “crime” fit the punishment? Close insiders have reported that Weiner’s pregnant wife, Huma Abedin has stated that she wants the two of them to work on their marriage. If you were in this same predicament, would your reaction be the same? Would you dismiss a relationship or marriage over sexting? Does sexting hold the same weight as physical, sexual cheating or has social media further defined what we view as infidelity? What do you believe?

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