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Incredible Ways to Heal Your Chakras

Incredible Ways to Heal Your Chakras, chakras, chakra, heal, healing

"Chakra" refers to a spiritual energy center within the human body. There are seven along the spine, through the neck and the crown of your head. They each correspond to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being and influence all areas of your life. Feelings like anxiety, lethargy, and stress can be attributed to chakras that need healing. When the chakras are open and aligned, our energy is constantly free-flowing. But the question is "how do we heal our chakras?" The good news is that it doesn't necessarily take much to help heal your chakras. Read on to learn a little bit about chakra healing and what you can do to help yourself!

Incredible Ways to Heal Your Chakras

Try Meditation- This is a favorite of reiki healers and chakra gurus. Start off by figuring out what's bothering me. Are you stressed or anxious? Find the cause, then go to a quiet place and try to meditate. Coming to terms with the present moment brings your attention to yourself. If you're new to chakra meditation, like I am, a guided meditation might help you to get the gist of what it's all about.

Affirmations- Affirmations are so powerful and one of my favorite self-care and mental health tools. It all starts with your mind and the way you think. Affirmations have the power to heal the damaged parts of yourself.

Yoga- Yoga is all about rooting yourself. As a full body workout that focuses on the brain as well. Yoga postures have been recognized as a fantastic technique to release stuck or stagnant energy out of the body.

Chakra Stones- Stones have the power of healing a specific chakra. Place a chakra stone over the chakra you wish to heal as your resting or meditating. This mixed with other healing practices is very beneficial.

Color Healing- Each chakra has a different color associated with it. See the color in your mind's eye as you're meditating to help heal the chakra and essentially heal yourself!