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Hurricane Maria: Images Every American Needs to See

Hurricane Maria recently hit Puerto Rico leaving a heartbreaking level of destruction in her wake.

I continue to be blown away by, and SO incredibly proud of my close friend, Fat Joe. He immediately jumped into action to do everything possible to support the residents of Puerto Rico, setting an incredible example for the rest of America. JR and I, in addition to the entire Market America team, are equally proud to stand alongside him to help Puerto Rico during this devastating time.

In case some of you weren't aware, Fat Joe was raised by parents of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, which is why Fat Joe felt so strongly that we need to stand together and help in every way that we can.

Hurricane Maria: Images Every American Needs to See
hurricane Maria leaves 3 feet of water in Puerto Rico
Owners see close to 2 feet of water after Hurricane Maria hit.

Fat Joe spearheaded compiling a team formed of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Jay-Z, and radio personality Angie Martinez along with other influential friends to lead an incredibly powerful relief effort. The team raised a phenomenal 2 million pounds of life-saving supplies for the residents of Puerto Rico, filling five planes – but their struggle continues, and we need your help.

Cooking in Puerto Rico – for those who have access.

Myself, JR and the Market America team could not be prouder to support Fat Joe, his partner, Governor Cuomo and The Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort in their mission – not only financially, but also via helping promote his relief efforts via all of our social media channels to help raise awareness and support.

One fresh meal per day – 2-hour line for ice to feed children one meal per day.

I just cannot even begin to imagine the absolute despair and terror the people of Puerto Rico must be feeling - especially those with young children and old relatives.

Please visit this link to discover how you can support our efforts via volunteering, donating and finding out where you can drop off supplies. Please give whatever you can – every dollar really will help the citizens of Puerto Rico!

For further reading, both the International Business Times and The Miami Herald published more information about Market America’s vow to support Fat Joe.