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How to Visualize What You Want NOW

Having a dream takes a lot more than just hard work. Working to get there is only half the battle. You have to visualize the end point as well. See yourself as the person you want to become and take the steps to make that happen. So, how do you make visualization work for you? Read on to find out! Below are some of my top tips to visualizing your goals. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section!


Set Your Goal- If you already have a goal or dream that you’re working towards then this part should be easy. For the rest of you, do some soul-searching to figure out what you want to make happen. Maybe you want to become a best-selling author or take your business to the next step. Figure it out and set your intention. Write it down so you know exactly what you want.

Create a Clear Picture- This is the fun part. Creating a clear visual or picture is all about daydreaming. Be sure to give your visuals details. Imagine yourself as a part of that Million Dollar Club. What are you wearing? Who are you with? Don’t think about how you’ll get there. Just imagine and try make it as real as possible.

Focus on It- Make a habit of visualizing your goals and dreams. Focus on them, especially the feeling they gives you. When you think of them on a daily basis, they becomes a part of your life. Don’t stress over them. Just relax and think as clearly as possible.

Give it Good Energy- One of my favorite tricks to making goals into reality, is to not tell too many people about my goals. When you tell other people, they might have their own ideas about your goal and dream and they sometimes turn it into something different. Think of your goals as though they're wishes and be careful who knows about them. You only want positive energy when it comes to your goals and dreams so be sure to always think about them in a positive and encouraging light.