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How To Take Amazing iPhone Pictures

Have you seen the adverts and billboard, yet? Beautiful, artfully taken photos can be seen in cities and towns, with corner captions that read “taken with an IPhone 6.” It’s no secret that the IPhone’s photo taking capabilities are like nothing else out there. With a new IPhone, we get a better, and improved camera and accessories to go along with it. So how can you get the best out of your IPhone’s camera? Here are some tricks and tips for taking amazing IPhone photos.


Apps, Apps, And More Apps- My phone is full apps already, so if your phone is anything like mine, the sound of adding another app sounds like a space waster. Trust me, you’ll want these amazing apps to help bump up your IPhone pictures. One of the best photo-taking apps with the coolest features, is VSCO. The VSCO app has filters specifically engineered for making better IPhone photos. Other apps that I love to use include Afterlight and PRO HDR.

For The Perfect Selfie- I love a good selfie and the secret to a good selfie is lighting and positioning. When taking a selfie, just think of it as taking any good photo. Make sure you’re facing the sun to brighten your face. Keep your arms high so you can get a good angle. After, you just need to stay away from making a duck face and you’re good to go. An app to help take away blemishes and make your face glow is Facetune. Check it out for yourself.

Using Your Camera’s Best Features- Your IPhone already comes with amazing features to help you take those perfect pictures. Turn on your camera’s grid option to keep your photos straight, make use of the AUTO-HDR, do what can to take that amazing IPhone photo and then upload it to your favorite app to jazz it up and share with friends.