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How to Summon Your Inner Savage


Savage describes our wild side and our primal essence. Unleashing our inner savage allows us to tune into our primal being.

How to Summon Your Inner Savage


1. Do you.

True savages are unapologetically themselves - they don't care what others think about them, and embrace their haters. They understand haters spread many types of negative behavior, and are usually the people closest to us in the form of our friends, family, and co-workers.

2. Let your instincts guide you.

Listen to your primal instincts. Body language and gut feelings rarely lie.

3. Plan your move.

Strategize, plan, organize and execute all of the necessary mini goals to achieve your big goals.

4. Be a person of your word.

Our word is our bond. Be honest, practice integrity and always follow through on your word.

5. Speak your mind.

Speak from your heart, don't hold back on your feelings. Give compliments, tell your loved ones you love them, and why you're upset with them.

6. Surround yourself with beautiful savages.

Spend time socially with other savages who embrace their strength, confidence, integrity, success, and goal slaying.

7. Face your fears.

If you don't handle and control your fear, it will control you. Facing our fears ignites opportunities, wisdom and inner strength.

8. Develop a thick skin.

Keep your self-talk positive. Learn to embrace constructive criticism to adapt to change and become a better version of you. Learn to detach - stop taking things so personally. Focus on what you can control.