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How to Stay Positive While Dating

How to Stay Positive While Dating, positivity, dating, staying positive while dating

Are your dates going nowhere? I have to give it up to you single girls! Bad dates can be harrowing. Getting ghosted can be hurtful. I bet it sometimes feels like going on date after date is getting you nowhere. Don't lose hope, single girls! I believe that you deserve everything that your heart desires. I believe that you're worthy of love! You have to believe it too! So, keep your chin up, and stay positive while you try to find the right guy for you.

How to Stay Positive While Dating

Be grateful for what you already have- Giiirl, if you think a relationship will bring you happiness, you are sorely mistaken. Life is amazing and I can't believe you're so hung up on the fact that some guy isn't paying attention to you right now! The here and now is perfect, you just have to look around to realize it by giving thanks for everything around you.

Make dating fun- So many of my girlfriends treat dating as if it's a part-time job. They spend hours on apps and plan a million dates, it gets draining. My suggestion? Have fun! You aren't going to find the guy of your dreams stressing over your next date. Do more of what you like while dating. That way dating is stress-free and feels less like a job!

Believe you are enough- If you're dating and you're sure the right guy is out there for you but still struggle with your own self-love, it may be time to do a little soul searching to heal your past. Forgive yourself! Fully heal your heart so past wound won't strike while dating. Let it all go!

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