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How to Slay Remote Working This Holiday Season

remote working

Remote working isn't for everyone. I love working from home. I am so productive, and there are so many fewer distractions at home than in the average office, especially when Maureen from accounts wants to stop by your desk every day and moan about her life (every office has a Maureen). Here's how to slay the laptop lifestyle wherever you work from this holiday season.

1. Set up your space for success

Whether you're staying in an Airbnb, hotel, with family, or hosting the whole family at yours, it's crucial to set up space where you can get in the work zone. What do you need in your home office to work efficiently? Make sure you take these accessories with you.

2. Cut out noise

Holidays can get loud, especially when you have lots of family members turning it up a notch fueled by holiday cheer. Pack earplugs or headphones to drown out the background noise when you need to concentrate and get work done.

3. Set boundaries

Family time is essential too. Ensure you give yourself a cut off time to end your workday so that you're not missing out on creating magical memories with your loved ones.

4. Pack essentials

If you're working from a hotel or tropical island somewhere this holiday season, you'll need a few essentials to help keep you active. Consider investing in a portable laptop charger to keep your laptop juiced up. A lot of coffee shops no longer have electrical sockets available to customers, so it's best to be prepared. If you have an iPhone and a Mac, you can get your laptop online via your smartphone's internet data. If not, invest in MiFi. There's nothing more frustrating than needing to get work done and having to rely on inadequate WiFi that takes forever to load or send emails.

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