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How to Meditate

;Do you know how to meditate? Do you feel like you have so many things on your plate that at any moment you can just have anxiety? It is hard to juggle work, family, relationships, and life in general. It can become quite overwhelming. Our minds are so busy with problem solving, memory, and producing creative thoughts. For times that we just can't get away from it all, we can meditate. Meditation allows us to breathe, clear our minds, process our thoughts and regain a much needed calm.
Here are some ways to help you meditate:

- Find a quiet, relaxing environment.

- Sit with your back straight on level ground. This will help with your breathing.

- Relax everything, your mind and body.

- Follow the flow of your breath, This will help you to fade the chattering in your mind.

- Silence your mind and focus on nothing at all.