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How to Look Inward When in a Toxic Relationship

How to Look Inward When in a Toxic Relationship, toxic, toxic relationship love, life, relationships

Relationships are tough. There's no question about it. But when you've been in many toxic relationships are you're looking to get out, it's time to look inward. When you look back at your relationship are you really listening to yourself while you yell or criticize your partner? Probably not. This is a problem because the only way to fix a situation is to look inward and work on yourself. When change isn't happening, it may be time to change yourself.

How to Look Inward When in a Toxic Relationship

I know it's hard to believe or accept the fact that you may be the problem, but it's time. I have one piece of advice that you need to hear. If you're annoyed with your partner incessantly complaining about their personality or habits there's something you need to do. The truth is, you are probably projecting your own doubts and insecurities onto your partner. Look at your words as a mirror. Ouch! It's hard to hear, I know.

Projection is something that we all do! Maybe you criticize your partner on their weight, look back in on yourown past and see where your weight was criticized or judged. Begin to be kinder about your own weight and you'll start to be more loving to your partner and their weight. Projection can be a relationship killer so be a mirror to yourself!

Are you in a toxic relationship? Try to look inward!