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How To Get The Most Out Of Dating Apps

These days, our social lives have changed drastically. It feels as though people aren’t meeting each other in real life anymore. Connections are often being made through social media. It started with online dating and now we have apps that we can access in seconds. Millions of singles are on them and just a swipe away. How do we make sense of all these dating apps? How do we just pick one when there are so many? Most importantly, how do we get the most out of the? I know it’s hard girl, but stick with me! I’ll show you how it’s done.


Go In With A Positive Mindset- Listen, dating is hard and once you’ve swiped right on one, you’ve swiped right on them all. It gets overwhelming and can feel stressful right off the bat. Decide that it’s going to be a good experience for you and watch your options seem more like Prince Charming with each swipe.

Decide To Have Fun!- I had a friend who would only message guys that messaged her first. She had a few dates that way but had a horrible experience. Take the reigns on these dating games and decide to have a good time. Experiment with your messages. Use cheesy pick up lines on guys. Who knows? Maybe they’ll lead to a fun date.

Meet People- Go in with the idea that you’re in it to meet people. Take the pressure off yourself and let the expectations fall to the wayside. Decide to get to know some guys and gals. Make a friend if that love connection isn’t there right now.

Don’t Get Discouraged- Like I said before, to get the most out of dating apps, it’s time to put all those dating rituals to rest and have a good time! It could lead to something more, and hello you’re having fun!