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How to Forgive Your Biggest Enemy

How to Forgive Your Biggest Enemy, forgive, forgive your enemy, forgiveness, love, resentment

Forgiveness is way more than saying sorry. It's no secret that forgiving someone is an uphill battle. But when you forgive, even your biggest enemy, you gain freedom. Letting go of that anger you feel toward someone else can feel impossible. It almost is, when you feel resentment for someone, there's a lack of compassion for them, and that's what forgiveness is—compassion. But when you forgive your biggest enemy, there's a feeling of purging and letting go, a sense of relief. Are you ready to forgive? Read on!

Self Forgiveness- Self-forgiveness is a big one but I believe that all forgiveness starts with yourself. In order to let go of resentment for someone else, you have to start where those feelings originated—with you. When forgiving someone that hurt you, start by forgiving yourself because you're the one who got yourself in that situation, to begin with. You have to be gentle with yourself. You have to learn to release past mistakes in order to understand where others are coming from. This is going to be the hardest part of forgiving someone else.

Question- Now, focus on your biggest enemy. Why are you angry with that person to begin with? Question the situation. Figure out why you're hurt. Feelings are complicated especially when they involve other people. Once you can identify why you feel the way you do, you can begin to forgive and heal.

Willing to Forgive- I think that there has to be a willingness to forgive in order to begin the process of letting go. Remember to forgive yourself! Make it a learning experience and grow from it.