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How to Deal With Family Asking About Your Singlehood


The holidays are difficult enough without your aunts asking the age-old question, "why are you single?" Ouch! Sometimes, family has a particular way of making you feel, well—terrible. And it's not just you. A study conducted by OnePoll from 2018 found that 29% of participants feel stress around arguments with family, while fifteen percent admit that participating in conversation with family and friends stresses them out. Fifty-six percent agree they have to bite their lip during the holidays to avoid arguments, and 64 percent report having certain conversations that are just off-limits.

How to Deal With Family Asking About Your Singlehood

So, feeling stress about your impending family-filled holiday parties isn't exactly novel. If you're single during the holiday—that's okay! Life is full of different seasons and, sometimes, you find yourself single and loving life. Certain family members might not see it that way and question why you're still living the single life. If you're unsure how to navigate questions on your singlehood, read on.

You're Focusing on You- Tell your family you want to take your time before taking on a new relationship. You probably learned a lot from your past relationship and you want a break before you head into anything serious. Don't be afraid to be honest. No one can argue with an honest, straight-from-the-heart answer.

You're Dating- If you're actively dating, tell your family you just haven't found the right person yet! "I haven't liked anyone enough to be in a relationship with them," is a great, honest answer. Watch your aunt quiet down after that response.

Make a Joke- If you're known as the family jokester, don't be afraid to bring some humor into the mix. When your aunt asks "where's your boyfriend?" Reply, "Which one?" It'll lighten the mood and help ease the tension that questions about your love life might bring.

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