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How Much Are You Worth?

September 23rd, 2010

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying that they
are working more, but for less pay. Many companies have been scaring their
employees by telling them “you’re lucky to have a job.” Or maybe entrepreneurs
have been scared to charge their clients more for their services. Well, that’s
what I’d like to talk about today. Do you know how much you’re worth?

How many times have you taken a job at a lower rate than you
know you deserve? After working two months at the job you become totally
frustrated and resentful, right? You end up doing a crappy job; your employer
is upset; and then you start feeling bad about yourself. It’s an awful cycle.
But guess what? You can stop it. You can stop it by being honest about how much
you want and deserve for your services.

First thing is first, the more you value yourself and your
work the more people will feel the same about you. So be confident about your
skills and what you bring to the table. You’re being hired for your expertise.
Act like an expert.

After the job is presented to you, ask yourself how much you
need and WANT for this particular job. Really look at how much time it will
take out of your day. How much is your time worth? And don’t sell yourself

The nest step is to get over the fear of asking. Repeat
after me “I am awesome at what I do, and I deserve to compensated accordingly.”
One of two things is going to happen in you ask for more money: One, they will
say no, and two, they’ll say yes or at least meet you half way. The worst that
can happen is they’ll say no. You can handle that, right? And after they say
no, it’s your decision to take the job or not. If you don’t take, you will
absolutely attract a new job that is right for you if you can really visualize
it. So don’t be scared.

So next time you’re making a deal remember to ask yourself
what is your worth and then get over the fear and ask. I bet you’ll be surprised
by the outcome!




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