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How to Stop Obsessively Thinking About One Person?

Obsessively Thinking

You've got a crush. We've all been there. Even I can remember a time where I fell for someone hard. When your crush doesn't go your way, it can be heartbreaking and force you to focus on them in a way that's distracting and not healthy. Before you know it, you're obsessed. You can't stop thinking about them and it's bringing you a load of unhappiness. It's time to change that behavior. Read on to learn how to stop obsessively thinking about someone you're nuts about.

How Do We Stop Obsessively Thinking About That One Person?

Acknowledge the Obsession- The first step to getting over this is to acknowledge that it's an obsession. Notice that it's a habit! Once you notice this, it'll be easy to break certain triggers associated with this person.

Break the Habit- Once you can acknowledge that you have a mental obsession over someone, it's time to break the habit. How do you do that? By bringing up other habits. Let's say you tend to think about them when you're bored at home. Or maybe you think about them when you listen to a certain song or pass a certain place. Notice the habit and try to change it by doing other things or trying to notice thoughts of them when they come up.

Change- Find something in your life that is more exciting than the idea of this person, and use that to replace the habit of mentally obsessing over them. It may take some time and digging. You might have to start from scratch but as long as you focus on the things you can control, your brain will change its focus and you find that you're happier.

Your mental obsession is getting you nowhere! This may take some time because you're almost retraining your brain to focus on something else, but in the end, it's worth it!