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How do I look?

I recently came across this article (
in the New York Times about user-generated sites that help with fashion advice.  It mentions two new sites in particular: Fashism and Go Try It On.  Basically, what you do is upload photos of your outfits and ask other users what they think about your look.  I thought a site like this could really come in handy when you’re in a fitting room, alone, and in need of an opinion. Of course, you can always snap a photo
and send it to your friend via text, but I like the idea of getting an outside opinion.

I went ahead and tried Fashism myself.  It was totally fun, but there were a few mean comments.   But you have to take it with a grain of
salt. I also gave some of my own advice, which I hope was helpful to others. And for those aspiring models, designers, fashion editors, etc. this is a great way to see what every-day people are purchasing and what styles they are responding to.

Give it a try and let me know what you think on Twitter: