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Hobbies To Take Up Later in Life

Part of maintaining a balanced and healthy life means taking time for yourself and finding ways to do the things you love. In the thick of a busy work week, it’s so easy to let things get away – to get caught up in the daily tasks that must be completed without allowing yourself time to be creative, breathe in the fresh air or spend time quietly with your thoughts. From yoga to knitting, cooking to photography, there are so many hobbies to take up later in life that will unleash your inner inspired self and will bring a sense of balance and peace to your mind. Thinking it’s high time you pick up a new hobby, but you’re just not sure where to start? Keep reading for a few ideas that just might get those wheels turning.


Scrapbooking. Got piles of photos and mementos just waiting to be organized and viewed? Scrapbooking is a great hobby for anyone with a creative spirit and a sense of order.

Photography. Whether you invest in a brand new fancy camera or dust of the one that’s been in the closet for years, photography is an excellent way to make memories and let your artistic spirit flow. When the weather is nice, get outside and photograph nature or the people around you. The opportunities are endless.

Knitting. This fun way of expressing yourself has reached new levels of popularity lately – yarn and patterns have gotten pretty cool. Check in at your local yarn store to learn about classes and knitting groups to get started.


Meditation. This is a great hobby to pick up if you feel your life needs some peace and calm. Meditation is a great way to start or end your day – and really you need nothing more than a quiet spot and yourself. Unsure where to begin? There’s lots of information on the web and at the library when it comes to this time honored hobby.

Yoga. In some ways yoga can be similar to meditation in that it’s a great way to bring a sense of peace and calm to your hectic life, but yoga is also very athletic. If you’re thinking your next hobby should also help you burn a few calories, yoga is a great option. Local community centers, gyms and yoga studios are everywhere – and most offer beginner classes.

Paddleboarding. This can be done on a lake or in the ocean and is an incredible core building workout. Peaceful and tranquil, paddle boarding is a great way to get up with the sun and start your summer days in nature.

In the Kitchen

Cooking. For many of us, cooking is a bit of a chore. Feeding a big family every day can start to feel like work rather than a fun and creative hobby. But what if you looked at cooking in a new light? Rather than making it something you have to do, make it something you can do by getting adventurous with your recipes and cooking style.

Baking. If cooking meals really isn’t your thing, but you love being in the kitchen, baking is a great hobby to take up later in life. Whether you’re baking cakes, muffins, breads or even gluten-free items, baking can be a truly relaxing and fun way to spend time. Not to mention, the rest of the family will love your creations!

Have you recently taken up a new hobby? How is it going?