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Hey, You Should Listen to Your Emotions

Hey, You Should Listen to Your Emotions, emotions, feelings, body,

You need to understand and feel your emotions to live a healthy life. Sometimes, you tend to live all in your head. It's okay; I won't put pressure on you because we're all on our own journies. But to truly listen to your emotions you have to live the full body experience. You feel your emotions in your body. Do some meditation or yoga. Get used to feeling in your body. Once you've mastered living in your body, learn about what your emotions are telling you. Read on for more!

Hey, You Should Listen to Your Emotions

Guilt shows you that you're still living your life in other's expectations and other's criteria for what you should be doing.

Sadness shows that you feel deeply. Show off the depth of your feeling and care for others in this world.

Discomfort shows that you need to be connected to your feelings. You need to be present. You're being given something different; possibly an opportunity to change.

Resentment shows you where you need to heal and where you still hold judgments on others and yourself.

Anxiety shows you that you need to be present and live in the present moment. You're either stuck in the past or living in fear of the future.

Anger shows where your boundaries are. Shows your passion and what you believe needs to change in the world.