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Healthy Ways To Let Go Of Anger

We’ve all have unresolved resentment in our lives because we’ve all felt anger. Many of us have failed to express that anger in a healthy way. In fact, it’s very rare that someone has been taught to express their anger in a manner that allows them to let it go. It’s unnatural and unhealthy to keep all that resentment inside of us. It keeps us stunted from growing and focusing on the present moment, which is why it’s time to let go of it in a healthful way! Check out some ways that you can let go of your anger and just be!


Acknowledge Your Anger- This is going to take some soul searching, but it’s important to listen to your feelings in order to sort through them. When you feel angry, accept that anger instead of trying to suppress it.

Why Do You Feel Angry?- Do some more soul searching and try to figure out where that anger is stemming from. Is it from something someone said? Maybe you feel angry with yourself? It happens! I get frustrated with myself all the time.

Feel Your Feelings!- Let yourself grieve over the situation. If someone else hurt you, then you need to grieve that loss of friendship or love. You need to feel that sadness and anger in order to release it later. You should also take time to avoid the person or situation that is making you angry. You don’t want all those unresolved feelings to come up, do you?

Deal With Your Anger- There are so many ways to deal with your anger. My favorite way of dealing, is to think of the person who has made me angry and imagine a conversation with them in which I tell them why they hurt me. I always make sure to forgive them at the end of the imaginary conversation. It sounds strange, but it helps me so much! You could also write letters, yell into a pillow, or metaphorically throw your anger away.

Let It Go- Once you’ve properly dealt with your angry feelings, it’s time to make a conscious effort to let these feelings go. Maybe say something like “I no longer need this anger in my life. I let it go.” Saying it out loud might help it feel more absolute. Try it!