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Happy Valentine's Day from Loren Ridinger!

Happy Valentine's Day from Loren Ridinger!, loren ridinger, loren, happy valentine's day,

Happy Valentine's Day from me! Valentine's is a time to celebrate your loved ones. JR already got me some gorgeous flowers so I'm feeling the love. Thank you, JR! I wanted to take a moment to celebrate this day with YOU. My wonderful followers. You inspire me every day and remind me what it's all about. Thank you for supporting me and showing me your love throughout this journey!

Happy Valentine's Day from Loren Ridinger!

To JR and my family, I feel so blessed to have each of you in my life. This holiday reminds me how much love I receive on a daily basis and you guys are the true MVP's. You make me feel loved and accepted everyday and for that I am forever grateful.

I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing holiday full of love. If you're single today, don't fret, and give yourself and others around you love.

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