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Gratitude > Lack: The First Steps to Manifesting

Gratitude > Lack: The First Steps to Manifesting, manifesting, lack, gratitude

When you're trying to manifest your ideal life, you seem to find roadblock after roadblock. What's the deal? You're saying your affirmations, writing in your journal, so what's missing? The answer is gratitude.

Gratitude > Lack: The First Steps to Manifesting

Here's what's up, you do all the work to get to manifesting but there's a major obstacle in your way. That obstacle is lack. Rather than focusing on feeling happy and grateful about your life, you're focusing on what you LACK. This is a problem for so many people out there. When manifesting, you're often focused on the fact that something isn't there. This is because—well, it's not.

What to do about it? The answer is to meet that feeling of lack with a feeling of gratitude. Here's the thing, the universe responds to feelings so when a grateful thought or good feeling comes through, the universe responds in like. When you're feeling lack, well the universe hears you out. Change the game by recognizing those negative feelings. Respond with gratitude. Always respond with gratitude! The universe and your manifesting self will thank you.

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