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Give Up These Social Media Habits for a Happy New Year

Give Up These Social Media Habits for a Happy new Year, new year, happy new year, new

Since the start of the decade, it feels like the topic of social media has been in the news in one way or another. According to the media, it's messing with our mental health, sleep cycles, and more! There is definitely some truth in that social media has its cons, but there are some social media habits that you can give up in the new year. The pressure of your phone or an app doesn't have to affect you in 2020. Read on for more!

Give Up These Social Media Habits for a Happy New Year

Don't give into SM stress- Seems like everyone's on vacation and falling in love without you, doesn't it? I get it, seeing abs on repeat can get to you—especially after that holiday bloat. My suggestion is to try to be more mindful when you're scrolling. When you start to get that feeling that you're not enough or find yourself comparing yourself to others, take a social media breather.

Unfollow accounts- If there's that one person who's life seems perfect on social media, and you find yourself feeling bad about yourself every time you come across their account, unfollow. Even if it's a friend or that girl you went to high school with, they probably won't notice whether you're following or not.

Checking Your Phone Before Bed- If we've learned anything from smartphones, it's that the blue light will disrupt your sleep, and sleep is important for so many reasons. Put away your phone ten minutes before bed for a restful night's sleep. Trust me; you won't miss anything.

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