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Getting Rid of Guilt

Getting rid of guilt can be a difficult process.  As human beings, we have a tendency to beat ourselves up over bad decisions.  We constantly re-live our mistakes by replaying the situation over and over again in our minds.  Guilt is a very paralyzing emotion.  No one wants to make a decision that will cause a negative consequence but it is in those experiences that a valuable lesson is learned.  Getting rid of guilt means realizing your mistake and moving on.  Don't allow guilt to stagnate your growth.  Don't allow your past to cripple your present or dictate your future.  Keep your chin up.  Forgive yourself.

Here are ways to help you get rid of guilt:

- Apologize to the person who you have offended.
- Learn from your actions.
- Don't dwell on your mistakes.
- Take affirming steps when a guilt feeling comes up.
- Do a good deed.
- Write the experience down, so that you can mentally retrace your actions.