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How to Get Over Your Quarter Life Crisis

quarter life, quarter life crisis, 25, 25 years old, twenty five

So you’re going through that infamous quarter life crisis. Your job prospects aren’t what you thought they were, your future starts to seem unsure. So, what do you do? You freak out, of course. Nerves and fear get the best of you and suddenly it seems as though everyone else is moving up in the world but you. It’s okay to feel this way. Trust me. There’s a way to get out of it! It’s all about perspective! It’s time to get out of that quarter life crisis funk. Read on to learn more.

quarter life, quarter life crisis, 25, 25 years old, twenty five

Accept Yourself- First things first, accept your current situation for what it is. You’re in a funk, you’re un happy and you’re probably scared. Again, that’s okay! When things aren’t going your way, you need time and space to freak out for a second. It happens. It’s normal. 

Stop The Comparisons- You’ve heard it before, but let’s reiterate it just one more time: you’re exactly where you need to be! Who cares who’s already done with grad school and who’s gone on to have kids! If you focus on the car next to you, you’ll crash. Focus on your own path. There’s no point in comparing yourself.

Have Faith in Your Future- It may feel like the end of the world at times, but if you really think about it, this is just a period of transition. You’re at a crossroads right now. These feelings are all temporary. Have faith in your future. Have faith in the opportunities that are on their way. It’s okay to freak out, but know you’ll get through this and get on to something better.

You’re Right Where You Need to Be- One more time for the people in the back. You. Yes you are exactly where you need to be in this space and in this moment in time. Your young and things are going to change for you. I promise.

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