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Gabby Bernstein on Having it All

Sometimes I feel that we get too caught up in this concept of having to be everything to everyone. As women, there are many responsibilities and expectations on our shoulders: be a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a friend, a sister, and the list goes on and on. And it can get really overwhelming to feel like you have to live up to all of these titles while also looking and being "flawless," as they say. But the truth is, this "Superwoman" concept is truly unrealistic. Yes, there are successful women who have achieved a great deal in their life and continue to propel forward, being an inspiration to us all. But did you really think they did it all at the same time? It's an impossible ideal to uphold. It's possible to have it all, but the key is finding a balance. To give a bit more insight and applicable knowledge to this perpetual quest, tune in as Life Coach Gabby Bernstein recalls a time when she was able to put it all together during a talk by Ariana Huffington. That "exhale moment" is seriously impactful. Watch below and let me  know what you think about what Gabby says on "Having it All."

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Watch Gabby's video on "Having it All" below:

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