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Finding Your Fitness Nirvana

>We all want to feel good about our bodies and look good in our clothes.  Unfortunately, our life responsibilities don’t always allow us the time to be completely diligent about our diet and fitness routines.  But the pressure we put upon ourselves pushes us to be even less healthy.  So maybe we should start by cutting ourselves a little slack. Just a thought…

Here’s a post written by a Miami entrepreneur, mother, and wife.  Naomi Lowitt is the owner of Nomi Pilates, a studio based in North Miami.  She has been known to transform countless bodies, but her story from working dancer (in music videos for Will Smith and Sisco) to mom/business owner is perhaps one of her greatest success stories.  Below she shares her journey in finding balance when it comes to fitness.

Finding one's fitness “nirvana” (inner and outer strengths) begins by recognizing your responsibility for your body and life, your physical challenges, and finding the confidence within you to make a lifestyle change. These attributes all embody what it takes for us as women to navigate our path towards a blissful “nirvana.”

I, along with a lot of other women, have been obsessed with working out, dieting and finding a happy medium with our bodies. Over time, I’ve come to realize that finding the power to let go of this fanatical behavior came down to both age and life experience, when your complete mind and body awareness all of a sudden shifts one day.

It was not until I became pregnant with my daughter and really felt the loss of control over my fit dancer’s body.It was at that point when I realized it was time to let nature take its course and get over my body obsessing and enjoy this moment in time as I was carrying another life. This milestone eventually led me to finding my path to my personal “nirvana.”

Although I still follow my own Pilates regimen, my priorities have changed.I work a lot and I’m so busy transforming everyone else’s bodies with Pilates and fitness, that now when I’m done I run back home to my daughter and its bedtime before I know it!

These days, I feel fulfilled in knowing that I’m blessed to have a business that transforms the lives of my clientèle, but most importantly I can go home and say that I’m a loyal mother, wife and friend who is respected.

Aside from loving my life, it also doesn’t hurt that I can honestly say many of my clients were a “hot mess” before they came to me, so I’m empowered knowing that I have empowered my own clientèle to be strong and physically fit. Whether helping them lose their pregnancy weight or just reshaping their minds and bodies for the better, I have helped them find their inner confidence and feel sexy again.

At this stage of my life’s journey, I have finally been able to find my balance within my Christian Louboutin-wearing Pilates training-mind, and reached rivers of confidence and found my eternal gratitude for life…simply called “nirvana.”