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Feeling Stuck? Why it May be Time to Make a Career Move

Why It May Be Time to Make a Career Move | Loren's World

No matter what point of your career you’re at, making sure your dreams and passions are fulfilled is essential to finding that sweet spot called happiness. When you’re not challenged enough or you’re being pushed beyond capacity, you either end up bored or completely overwhelmed.

Why It May Be Time to Make a Career Move | Loren's World

Rather than one extreme or another, finding that happy medium with your life and work means you also feel content. Challenged just enough and able to freely use your creative mind and your skills – that’s where you want to be. When things start to feel off balance, it may be time to put the feelers out there for new opportunities. So how do you know? When you’re feeling stuck, here’s why it may be time to make a career move.

  • When you start to feel a lack of passion. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a career you have no passion for. How could you possibly give it the energy and creativity it deserves if you’re completely uninterested? Your interest in what you do helps drive success and when you lose that, it’s time to move on.
  • When you feel your hard work is completely undervalued. When you work hard, you should absolutely be recognized and rewarded for your efforts – it’s part of the game! When you’re consistently asked to work harder and longer with not recognition, you’ll find yourself feeling frustrated and just generally undervalued. To be energized about your work, you need to know what an important role you play and when that starts to fall by the wayside, you may want to start exploring what’s out there.
  • When you aren’t really feeling the company culture. We spend so much of our lives working and at work that enjoying the company culture is one of those things that has to fit your personality. Enjoying where you spend your days and the people you spend them with is essential, isn’t it? If you find yourself struggling to enjoy the day to day, it’s probably a good opportunity to think about making a change.
  • When you feel like you’re hitting a wall. Career advancement is hugely important to anyone who has made a commitment to success – you want to climb that ladder. When your potential and your talent goes underappreciated or unrecognized, you’ll feel a sense of frustration and probably become somewhat resentful. That’s when you’re stuck and it’s time to start looking around.
  • When it’s time to move the financial needle. Everyone wants to have distinctive career growth, but that doesn’t simply include more responsibility and a new title. You should absolutely be fairly compensated for your efforts also. Sometimes that means having a talk with your supervisor – and sometimes those needs are just not met. When your current position and company isn’t ready to provide appropriate financial incentive, it’s time move on.

Have you found yourself feeling stuck in your career lately? What’s driving you to start looking around?