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Feeling Fatigued? Get Your Energy Back

Feeling Fatigued? Get Your Energy Back, fatigue, energy, fish, feeling,

Tired, sluggish, rundown? These are all signs of fatigue. I know it's not easy to feel like you have no energy. When this happens to me, I want to cuddle up in bed and watch Netflix for hours. I'm a grandmother of three, running a major business! I like to enjoy my grandchildren, so I hate when I have to tell them that "Mimi's tired." The good news is that I learned how to combat those tired feelings, so when I'm feeling fatigued, I know exactly what to do. Read on to get your energy back and feel like your normal self.

Feeling Fatigued? Get Your Energy Back

Talk to a doctor- First thing's first; you want to make sure your fatigue isn't a symptom of another illness so seeing a doctor is a necessity.

Exercise- Exercise gives you the energy you need to combat fatigue. I know it's easy to stay lazy and want to mope around, but exercise is essential. Yoga has been especially useful for those feeling fatigued so be sure to strike a pose!

Drink Water- Dehydration can zap energy so drink plenty of water before and after your workout!

Sleep- We all we need our 8 hours to function properly, so sleep is a necessity when you're frequently tired. My suggestion? Get to bed earlier than usual.

Eat fish- Improve your heart health and boost alertness by eating fish high in omega-3 oils. You can also take fish oil supplements on the daily. Try it out and see how you feel.

Lose Weight- Your extra weight could be making you feel sluggish. It's all about a healthy diet and exercise, people. Life is what you make it, so shed those extra pounds to feel like your old self again.


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