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Fall Fashion Forward

Barely a breeze in NYC right now, but I’m thinking if I continue to will the fall season it’ll soon come!  As the city gears up for Fashion Week, there are shopping temptations all around.  I can’t help but notice the trends inundating each store I visit.  From clothing and accessories to makeup, you know I’m picking favorites.  With that said, here are the three fall trends I’m most looking forward to.

Military Style

From cargo pants and brass buttons to fitted jackets, there’s hardly a way to avoid the flawless uniform look.  But don’t go nuts with this
look. It’s best to mix in just one or two items (camouflage, fitted cargos, brass details) to a tailored look.

Recently, I wore a fitted Balmain jacket that was definitely inspired by this trend. I paired it with a pair of white wide-legged pants.

Boxy Bags

This look is both elegant and feminine, yet it still feels fresh. Almost every fashion house has its own style.  Some are shoulder bags, while others have more of a briefcase look.  Check out this gorgeous bag by Chloé.

Nude Lips

I started watching this trend during the Fall 2010 shows. And now nude lips are all over the fashion mags.  We’re moving away from the bold red lips and into something more natural.  You can get this look with Motive’s Flesh lipstick or any other pale pink tone.

What’s your favorite fall trend?  Send me a tweet @LorenRidinger.