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Facing the 800 Pound Gorilla

Do you face an 800 pound gorilla everyday?  Not literal, of course, but do you have a boss that is just unbearable?  Do you find that you are not as productive as you should be due to anxiety and unnecessary pressure?  It seems that you have some decisions that you have to make.  In all honesty, no one can be their best if they are not supported and guided by a competent, articulate, and fair boss.  This is a fact, a person who leads with fear will only have workers who produce from fear and not from their skill or creativity.  If you are in the current position of working under a boss who is just maddening, here are some suggestions to help you face the 800 pound gorilla:

1. Do what is required of you to the best of your ability.

2. Document all of your work.

3. Before you start your day, breathe, understand that you can only give the best of you.

4. When you feel a stress attack coming, take a bathroom break or get some air.

5. Do not be reactive but always proactive.

6. Maintain your character and composure.  Never allow another person, no matter what their title, to make you come out of who you are.

7. When the day is over, leave work at work.  Do not bring the anxiety home with you.