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Shop for a Cause: Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Year after year, we learn that breast cancer affects everyone --not just the patient but every single individual around them. So year after year, the search for a cure becomes increasingly imperative. Looking ahead to October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'm asking for your help in this search for everyday superheroes who have been affected by breast cancer: moms, coworkers, children, dads, and survivors. If you have a story to tell, Motives is looking for silent videos to share in the 2015 Motives Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Continuing our partnership in the fight against breast cancer, Motives will partner with for their 2015 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. promotes early detection of breast cancer, as it can reduce or prevent invasive surgery, minimize treatment, and dramatically increase survival rates.


Please watch this video from Holley Kitchen who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer after initially being diagnosed with cancer at age 39. Metastatic cancer is cancer that spreads from one place to another in the body. Her struggle is real, and her story is real.

Please submit your one- to three-minute silent video to Please use note cards to convey your message, though you are also welcome to have a background song just like Holley (we can also add one if you would like; just include your song preference). Lastly, please include a note card about how early detection can save lives and call out, SHOP.COM and for more information.

The deadline for video submission is Tuesday, Sept. 4. Please join Motives and in raising awareness for breast cancer through the promotion of early detection.